HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! So Long 2011! Bring on 2012!

Well, 2011 is coming to a close, but big things are on the horizon for 2012!
Next year sees the publication of FOUR (4!!) Books that have Jeff Carlisle Art in them, with more projects looming on the horizon! Keep an eye out for The Star Wars Folded Flyers book, The Book of Sith: Secrets of the Dark Side, Under the Moons of Mars: New Adventures on Barsoom AND The Star Wars Essential Readers' Companion. These books will be debuting throughout 2012 and as they are published we will share artwork from those books...

Big News Coming Soon...

Things have been quiet around since last Autumn...but big things are on the Horizon...
Right now, Jeff is working on three Book Projects, various Illustration/Design jobs and untold Personal Projects...but more on that later...

Jeff Carlisle's Star Wars Celebration V Print "Destiny's Prize" available for Pre-Order for very limited time on!

At the link below, you'll find the page at!
Jeff Carlisle's "Destiny's Prize" celebrates The Empire Strikes Back's 30th Anniversary by showing Boba Fett's spaceship SLAVE ONE flying away from Bespin's CLOUD CITY with both Boba Fett and his prize, Han Solo (in Carbonite) visible in the ship's windshield. In the colorful clouds behind the ship, you can see the faces of the Star Wars heroes and villains, who are all meeting their own destiny as well...
-Exclusive to StarWarsShop after debuting at Celebration V in Orlando

About Jeff

Born in the town of Shelby, OH (Birthplace of the seamless tube industry in America), Jeff Carlisle grew up in the bustling metropolis of Columbus, OH. There, he attended public school without being shot or stabbed and continued his education at the prestigious Columbus College of Art and Design, to whom he swears he will pay back his tuition.

A year or so after graduating from Art School, Jeff submitted art to the Star Wars fan site TheForce.Net, which resulted in a dedicated fan art gallery there and enough courage to actually talk to his peers. In the year 2000, A chance meeting with acclaimed fantasy artist and children's book author Tony DiTerlizzi resulted in a new friendship for both and persistent nagging from DiTerlizzi to "get in the game," which led to the 2000 GenCon game fair, which led to his first industry job: programming Binary Load-Lifters, er, drawing Starships, Droids and Aliens for Star Wars Gamer magazine.

After moving for a short time to San Diego California to work on a video game, Jeff returned to Columbus -- where he lives with his wife, Lisa.

After nearly 20 years of freelance illustration and concept design, he has worked with a number of clients including: Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG), COSI Studios, Decipher, Goodman Games/Sword and Sorcery, Green Ronin Publishing, Lucasfilm Ltd., Paizo Publishing, Poop House Reilly, Presto Studios/Microsoft Game Studios, The Scarefactory, Inc., Topps and Wizards of the Coast.

Now, people actually pay him to do what he does for free on his own time, but don't tell anyone--that's a secret.