Emerald City Comic Con 2019 ... and ANOTHER NIGHT AT THE WARP CORE CAFE

If you are in the Seattle area the weekend of March 14th through the 17th, come down to the WA State Convention Center and have a great time at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON! Tons of guests, geeks and fun await you as well as Jeff Carlisle in Artist Alley at table AA-2. Jeff will have prints, stories and fun available as well as a preview of a very special image.
Speaking of which--we are proud to make this announcement:

"Another Night at the Warp Core Cafe", the image I originally created for the Char-Con convention last year, was never meant to be a Viral Sensation. It is a personal piece, made up not only of references to some of my favorite space-based fantasy stories--but a lot of myself, my life and my own personal nostalgia. It was really only meant to be seen by a few people--but all of you amazing fans and the power of the internet made it something very different.
As interest in the image exploded, I have been asked over and over when the final version would be finished--and now that it is finished I have been asked over and over when it will be a print--and for sale. Well, it has been a complicated situation requiring a lot of thought--trying to wade through what is considered parody and fair use and not only what I wanted for the piece--but you all as well. For the longest time it seemed that this piece of art I have poured so much of myself into would only exist digitally--as I went down many different avenues to find a way to release it to everyone who wanted it.

It looked pretty hopeless.
Until--very recently--hope appeared.
Pulse Gallery Ltd. (https://pulse.gallery), a UK-based gallery that focuses on Art and collectibles from the world of Pop Culture, approached me and offered to find a way to make it happen. Through them, I am terribly excited to announce there is a TIMED RELEASE SALE of ANOTHER NIGHT AT THE WARP CORE CAFE.

It's happening. It is for sale!
Coinciding with the Emerald City Comic Con (which I am attending for the first time this year) in Seattle, the sale begins on March 14th (This Thursday, AKA TOMORROW (!!!) at 5PM GMT (1PM EDT/10AM PDT) and ends ten days later on March 24th. This one-time TIME RELEASE sale should hopefully be enough time for everyone who wanted to purchase one to be able to do so and also be an exciting event at the same time.

The print is a lithograph sized 16x20 inches (including the decorative border) on high quality paper and will be $45.00 --which is the cost of the Print including tax and free shipping worldwide (all-in-one since Pulse Gallery is in the UK).
So, there you go: It's a thing! That you can buy!
Please spread the word. I will do the same.

As a time release event, it means that the number of prints made is decided by your interest and that the clock will be ticking down for the length of the sale. So, feel free to share, have fun, and thank you so much for all of your interest. And soon, you will be able to enjoy the Warp Core Cafe in your own home.

And if anyone buys a print and they bring it up to me at a future event, I will definitely sign it for you--because you folks are the best--and this piece would literally not exist without you.
Thanks so very much.

The sales link will go live soon and the sale will start Thursday