Jeff Carlisle to be Artist Guest of Honor at Origins Game Fair 2015

Hey Star Wars /Sci Fi fans! I will be the Artist Guest of Honor at this year's Origins Game Fair?, the nation's second biggest Game Convention, along with Sam Witwer? (The Force Unleased, Clone Wars and Rebels), Chloe Dykstra? (Syfy channel shows), Mike Mearls? (D&D 5th Edition) and Dennis L. McKiernan? (The Mithgar series of books)! AAAArrgh!! I am so excited! Fifteen years ago, this was the show that changed my life and put me on my path to be a professional illustrator!I LOVE symmetry!
So, be in Columbus Ohio from June 3rd through the 7th!
You'll have fun--and it will be great to see you!

See more at the link below!