Weekend Update

This weekend we bring you artwork from The Power of the Jedi Sourcebook and the new Fan Magazine gallery, which features artwork from the various fan publication for which Jeff has produced work.

Polyhedron, Dragon and NJO Updates

More updates for the new year. This time we have pictures featured in Mecha Crusade from Polyhedron Magazine #154, Good Things Come in Small Packages from Dragon Magazine #291, and The New Jedi Sourcebook. Drop by soon for even more of Jeff's unique artwork.

Galleries Functional and Updated

The majority of the Concept Design gallery has been uploaded, with two more section yet to come online. You can find some new works sprinkled among the material that was already online. You can also find the bounty hunter ships from Star Wars Gamer #7 in the Illustration gallery.

Gallery Updates

The Gallery is undergoing some big changes. It is now divided into two sections, Concept Design and Illustration. Both of these galleries will be divided additionally based on different products and projects I have worked on. I also added the Yuuzhan Vong Rogues Gallery portraits from Star Wars Gamer #8. Expect more updates soon!

More Pics and Links

Added another few pics, and greatly expanded the Links page.