The New JEFF CARLISLE.COM -- Coming Soon!

You might have noticed that this web site hasn't been updated in while...well, it certainly isn't due to lack of work!! There is almost two years worth of new art, new projects, new concepts coming your way!

Submitted by Jeff Carlisle on Fri, 2006-06-09 19:09.

ComiCon 04

By the time you read this update, I will be in San Diego for ComiCon 2004! I can't wait to meet new friends and reunite with old ones, and maybe share some artwork in the process. There's been quite a bit of reorganization, with some things moving around.

Submitted by Jeff Carlisle on Tue, 2004-07-20 14:17.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to one and all! I would like to welcome everyone back for the beginning of a year that is sure to bring great things. To start you off, we have a major update! Check out the Concept Design gallery for new pieces in the Characters, Creatures, Environments, and Technology sections.

Submitted by Jeff Carlisle on Sun, 2004-01-04 14:15.

Gencon Thanks

First off, many thanks to everyone that stopped by to see me and Lisa at GenCon. We all had a great time. Many friendships were strengthened and many new ones formed.

Secondly, we have some new artwork for you today from the Zenith Trajectory article in Dungeon 102 and The Iron Lords of Jupiter in Polyhedron 160. Due to the different nature of the publications, we decided to split the current gallery into two separate sections.

Submitted by Jeff Carlisle on Mon, 2003-09-08 14:12.

Wedding News and Update Goodness

As you're sure to have noticed on your way in, Lisa Hogsett and I became husband and wife on Saturday, June 28, 2003. Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Carlisle. And now to the other news.

I would like to thank all of you that stopped by to see me at ComicCon recently. If you weren't able to catch me in San Diego, don't worry, you'll be able to see me in Indianapolis starting tomorrow. I will have my own table in the art show at the GenCon Game Fair from July 24-27.

Submitted by Jeff Carlisle on Thu, 2003-07-24 14:08.