Jeff Carlisle's Star Wars Celebration V Print "Destiny's Prize" available for Pre-Order for very limited time on!

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Jeff Carlisle's "Destiny's Prize" celebrates The Empire Strikes Back's 30th Anniversary by showing Boba Fett's spaceship SLAVE ONE flying away from Bespin's CLOUD CITY with both Boba Fett and his prize, Han Solo (in Carbonite) visible in the ship's windshield. In the colorful clouds behind the ship, you can see the faces of the Star Wars heroes and villains, who are all meeting their own destiny as well...
-Exclusive to StarWarsShop after debuting at Celebration V in Orlando
-Hand signed and numbered, limited edition of 250
-Measures 11 x 17 inches
-Printed on acid-free cardstock
ONLY $24.99!!

Please pre-order the Prints as it guarantees that there will be enough available at StarWarsShop - Only available for a limited time!
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