Updates, Updates and more Updates!

Hey all. Welcome back to JeffCarlisle.com!

Since we last spoke, I have been monumentally busy with freelance jobs and with the Webcomics that tied into the first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars from Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network!

You can see the work that Pablo Hidalgo, Tom Hodges, Grant Gould, Katie Cook and I did here:

I did colors on the second issue "Shakedown", a splash page in issue ten "Dreams of General Grievous" and full art duties in issue eight "Departure", issue fifteen "Cold Snap" and issue nineteen "The Ballad of Cham Syndulla"--so check them out!

The site has been updated with more Sketchcard Galleries and Star Wars RPG illustrations in the Illustration Gallery--and my favorite illustration from last year: A two-page Doctor Who 45th Anniversary illustration from Tripwire Anuual 2008!

There will be more coming soon...
Happy 2009 and Happy Spring everyone!