So, That Happened...

So, sorry about the lack of updates. Jeff is a bad boy.

Also--sorry about the lack of new content. Jeff is a lazy boy.

BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE!! Jeff is just a very busy boy.
How busy, you ask? Well, we had the New York Comic Con in April, then we had lots of freelance work throughout the Spring and Summer. Then, I went to the San Diego Comic Con a few weeks ago...and had a mind-blowing show...where I got to meet all kinds of amazing people and hang out with old friends...and where they publicly announced that I, along with Katie Cook, Grant Gould and Tom Hodges would be doing webcomics to tie into the new animated TV show "Star Wars:The Clone Wars" (To kick off the series, there is a little movie coming to theaters this weekend--Go see it!)!!!

You can read more about it here:

And now, only two weeks after getting home from ComicCon, I have GenCon which I am attending--as well as having done the advertising art for this year's show!! A bigger table! And all sorts of cool things to show you guys when you come to check it a new sketchbook, for those of you who picked up the old one!

So, Drop by Gen Con this week--(Indianapolis Convention Center, August 14th through the 17th), keep an eye out on the site...there will be more updates...and cool news...

I swear!