New for 2008! New Content! New Pages! New Features!

Happy new Year! Sure, it's three months into the New Year...and halfway through March already, but hey I have been busy! With what, you ask? Why art, of course.

March has seen the release of "The Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II" card set from Topps, and that series has more of their popular hand-drawn sketch cards, of which I did 75 for the set with and additional nine to be returned to me. Look for them on eBay--but watch out, they have been going at a steep price!

With the release of that set, I have created a sketch card art gallery to show off the sets that I have drawn for (and remembered to scan). The LOTR set is there and the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith cards I did a few years ago. More will be added soon.

New Art can be found in the Dragon magazine gallery. Dungeon will be updated soon, as will the Mutants and Masterminds gallery. The "Whacked!" Gallery will be finished in the Concept Art section, and a brand new Photo Album will be christened soon--so don't forget to laugh at the onset of my Male Pattern Baldness and thrill to the ruggedness of my freshly shaved head!

Those photos may come in handy if you are searching for me at the New York Comic Con next month.
First person to find me and tell me that they visit this website gets a free prize. The first person who finds me and calls me Mr. Clean gets a free PUNCH IN THE MOUTH!! Sound like fun, huh?

Ah, the life of a freelance Artist.

Talk to you soon!