Business Links [clicks]
A video game developer Jeff used to work for, during the development of the game "Whacked!" [clicks]
A haven for the Star Wars gamer and artist
Paizo Publishing [clicks] [clicks] [clicks]
A publisher of gaming magazines--the first people foolish enough to pay me professionally! [clicks]
You never know--Star Wars fans may still talk about me over there. [clicks]
Where I got my start. Home of my first online gallery.
Wizards of the Coast [clicks] [clicks] [clicks]
Makers of fine games AND my biggest regular client
Star Wars Roleplaying Game [clicks] [clicks] [clicks]
Friends [clicks]
A talented artist who also can tell you what Star Wars props are made from! [clicks]
Crazy, micro-sized animator from Presto Studios! [clicks]
An artist of whimsy and dread. No, really! [clicks]
Scientist, Teacher, Comic creator, friend. They don't come any more talented, intelligent or kind. [clicks]
My good friend, Fellow Star Wars artist, and Columbus resident. [clicks]
My good friend and Comic Artist Extrordinare! [clicks]
One of the most talented animators I have ever met--and a man who also loves bicycling! [clicks]
Ultra-sly computer modeling guru and good buddy from Presto Studios. [clicks]
My old boss from Presto, a truly talented Concept artist--and Canadian! [clicks]
A talented artist from LA who is not afraid of being a cartoonist! [clicks]
My good friend and Comic Book Writer, Author of "The Waiting Place" and various projects for Marvel. [clicks]
Another talented CCAD grad, Illustrator and friend. [clicks]
The best comic shop in the Midwest, and good friends to boot! [clicks]
The First Ladies of Comics Journalism. Be nice, they know everybody! [clicks]
The best artist and cheerleader anyone could ever call their friend.
Inspiration [clicks]
Art Director for Star Wars Episodes I and II, talented storyteller, Giver of good advice. [clicks]
Another Star Wars Designer. One of the most talented artist I have ever met. [clicks]
This man is it. A truly wonderful person, he inspired every sci-fi artist and designer in the last 25 years. Bravo and Thank you sir. [clicks]
My longtime hero, Hollywood outsider and iconoclastic painter of Dinosaurs.