• Gen Con 2008 Official Illustration: "How You Roll"

    Gen Con 2008

    For Gen Con 2008, I designed and illustrated the cover of the Program book, which was also used as the print advertisement for the convention as well as the primary image throughout the con. It was a huge honor to be a part of the show that launched my career.

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  • The Jasoom Project - from UNDER THE MOONS OF MARS: New Adventures on Barsoom

    John Carter of Mars

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  • SUPER GRIMSLEY BROS. poster for the final episode of The Legend of Neil webshow...

    Legend of Neil

    Sandeep Parikh, co-star of the popular webshow THE GUILD is the writer/director of a hilarious, often offensive webshow about a Loser named Neil who gets transported into the Legend of ZELDA game he is playing and the journey he takes along the way...which makes the show sound way more noble and less hilarious than it actually is! Sandeep asked me to do some promotional art for him for the third season of the show--so here is where it will find a home...

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  • RECOVERY - Origins Game Fair 2015 art--Detail

    Origins Game Fair

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